Welcome to The Mood Disorder Support Group of Long Island. We have been there, we can help!


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Here are some answers to the Frequently Asked Questions that come our way!


1. Do I have to register? - No. Our groups anonymous and no membership or registration is required.

2. How much does it cost & do you take insurance? - Our groups are free, we do accept donations.

3. Can I come with my husband or wife to the meeting? - Each of our meetings are exclusive and anonymous. If you are a family member, only family should attend the family support groups. Vice Versa, the main groups, only the person with a mood disorder should attend that meeting. 

4. Are there any open meetings? - Yes, the 1st Saturday of the month at South Oaks is an open meeting. All are welcome. Also the 5th meeting of the month, should there be one (some months have 5 weeks) is an open meeting at all locations.

5. I am not a family member, but a friend or Significant other, am I allowed to attend the family group? - Yes absolutely, it is a "Family & Friends Support Group

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Want more info?

Please call us at: +1 516-499-MDSG or fill out our contact form.


JULY 28th meetings for the week

Tuesday  July 29th

MDSGLI Open Meeting - 7:30PM
Zucker-Hillside Hospital
Ambulator Pavillion Room 1208



Wednesday July 30th
MDSGLI Open Meeting - 7:30PM
Syosset Hospital

First Floor Conference Room


Thursday July 31st
MDSGLI  Open Meeting - 7:30PM

SouthSide Hospital, Bayshore
5th Floor Conference Room Tower Building


Saturday Aug 2nd
MDSGLI  Open Meeting - 1-3PM

South Oaks Hospital, Amityville
Chapel Building off Louden Ave