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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

No insurance is needed! We are a non-profit that runs on donations.

Do I need to register for groups or can I just walk in? Is there any cost?

You can just walk in. There is no charge but our chapter runs on donations so donations are always appreciated.

Are the facilitators who run the support groups medical professionals?

No. Facilitators are peers - people just like you who have learned to cope with their illnesses and are giving back by running support groups. All our facilitators are trained, having participated in peer support group facilitator training with our national office, DBSA Alliance. 

How are the support groups run?

Our support groups start out with the facilitator reading a preamble which sets forth the guidelines for the groups - use "I" language, share the air (everyone gets a chance to speak), anything said is confidential, everyone is equal, and differences of opinion are okay. Your support group facilitator will then begin to lead discussions and move discussions along throughout the course of the support group. 

Do I have to talk at the group?

No! Nobody is forced to speak. Feel free to sit quietly and listen, or contribute to the discussion.

Can I bring my significant other, spouse, child, family member or friend to a group?

Yes! We have open groups which are open to peers, family, and friends, and we also have closed groups for only family and friends. 


If any clinicians or students wish to observe groups, please contact the MDSGLI team so we can inform our members/group attendees, incase they do not want to attend.

Do I have to be medically diagnosed with a mental illness to attend a support group?


How often should I attend?

As often as you're able or feel comfortable. We recommend going to a group at least three times to get the general feel of the group to decide if it is/is not for you.

Are support groups confidential?

​Yes, except when the safety of an individual is in danger.

May I attend more than one group?

Yes, definitely! There is no limit, attend as many as you want or need.

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